When you register for the WNHL, please make sure you use you Gamer-tag for your username, OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS LEAGUE.

6v6 Simulation Hockey league for Xbox360.
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 League Rules

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PostSubject: League Rules   Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:26 am

Respect for Other Members in the Community

Terms of Rule:

Treat everyone with complete respect at all times. It doesnt matter what club you came from or how good you are you will not disrespect anyone in this league or YOU WILL BE PROMPTLY REMOVED. This League is built by and on the foundation with the understanding that we are all adults here so lets act like it. If you can not handle it than dont even bother participating and save us some breathe.
Simply Put - No Trash Talk, No messaging hate mail on this site nor on Xbox Live. If its not a good game message, dont send it keep it to yourself.

Violation Consequences:

First Offense - Multiple Game Suspension. Second Offense - Long Term Suspension. Third Offense - Immediate removal from league with no ablility to return unless otherwise said by BOG's and Co-Founders.


Activity / Scheduling

Term of Rule:

Very simply put if you as a player does not post your availablity in your teams locker room and or get in contact with your Owner/GM for each weeks availability than they do not have to place you in the line up for that week and any other week you fail to contact them with your availabilty.

Violation Consequences:

You will not be able to play that week if your team's management does not wish to play you and if it continues to be an ongoing problem you will be considered inactive and you will be blacklisted. As this league is designed to provide EVERYONE an equal chance to play, it is your job as a player to make it known you wish to play by simply informing your GM/Owner of your availability and to stay active with not only them but the rest of the team.
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League Rules
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