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6v6 Simulation Hockey league for Xbox360.
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 Opinions (Pertaining to Rules/League)

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PostSubject: Opinions (Pertaining to Rules/League)   Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:19 am

This is a thread where players may respectully voice any opinions about a rule/guideline pertaining to the league. A player may even suggest a rule or question a rule. In any event, the BOG's will respond in a timely manor to you post/reply and will be open minded when discussing rules or arguements pertaining to rules. With this said, there are many rules that just cant be argued as they are set in place to prevent cheating/unfair advantages, and or are neccessary for ensuring the league remain a fun, friendly and respectful enviroment for all players/members.
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Opinions (Pertaining to Rules/League)
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