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6v6 Simulation Hockey league for Xbox360.
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PostSubject: Availability   Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:30 am


Management is responsible for scheduling the players on their roster as equally as possible as done by availability.
We play at certain times of the day and you as the player is responsible for informing you GM/Owner of your availability via the Locker Rooms on this site.

  • Team management will gather your availability each week.

  • They do not have to play you if you do not inform them of your availability for that week.

  • If you failure of posting your availability is a continuous problem you will be considered inactive and you will be removed from the league.

  • In the case of a blacklist if you do not feel your blacklist is valid after you have been warned of it you will have 7 days to state your case after the seventh day without a reply or case of appeal to a BOG you will be removed from the league.

  • As it is the managements responsibility for gathering their players availability it is your responsibility as a player to inform them of your availability otherwise you simply will not play
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