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6v6 Simulation Hockey league for Xbox360.
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 Game Lag Outs and Loops

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PostSubject: Game Lag Outs and Loops   Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:21 am

In Game Loops

  • If the game is to loop once, than reguardless of what the loop may have taken away or erased the game is to be played out. (Unless it erases or takes away a goal in which case you would gather the stats up to that point, back out of the game and resume from the point of the loop).

  • Only in the occurrance of multiple loops is a game to be stopped and picked up from where the loop occurred.

  • If you are to reset the game from where you left off due to the game looping. You are to gather the stats from the previous game before exiting out and then start the game as the point of the loop (For Example: Say you had to reset the game at 12 mins left in the 2nd period...you would then start the new game with the 1st period of that gam acting as the second and the second period of that game acting as the thir, so on so forth and the game is to be put on hold until the 12 min mark then the teams may proceed to play the game).


  • If a skater were to lagout of the game teams are to finish out that period and gather the stats as they are and then resume the game as was, with the team that sustained the lagout forced to take a penalty. (Example: Ottawa player AOlax22 lags out in the 2nd period, the period is to be finished, each team is to gather the stats and back out. Ottawa will have to take a penalty when the game resumes. The first period of the following game will act as the third period).

  • If a goalie were to lagout the game is to be stopped at the next whistle whether it be a goal or a normal stopage of play. The stats are to be recorded and everyone is to back out of the game and resume from the point in the game of the stopage in play, much like game loops. (Example: Toronto Goalie XxAcE RAWRxX lags out in the third period and the next whistle after his lagout is at 10:20 mins left to go in the period the game is to be restarted with the first period again acting as the third and teams must wait til the 10:20 or just 10:00 min mark to proceed to play.
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Game Lag Outs and Loops
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