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 Trading Limitations, Procedures, and Block

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PostSubject: Trading Limitations, Procedures, and Block   Sat Jul 07, 2012 5:48 am

WNHL offers the opportunity to move players in trades from one team to another with in limitations.

These limitations are as follows:

- The trade must stay with in salary cap and contract limitations on both ends. If the trade would force a team over contract or salary than the trade will not be valid and will not be permitted to go through.

- Management must send a PM to the BOG's in charge of trading (Sk0al, ICWeiner17, Bdetore92).
- The trade needs to state the players being moved and where their going and what each players contract and salary and position is, as well as what each teams salary and contract time will end up being.

-NO player is to be informed their are on the trade block or that they are being traded at any given moment. If the trade doesnt get approved by the BOG's because of salary cap or contract conflict than you are stuck with that player the rest of the season and do you really think he's gonna play for you...no.

-Trade Movements will be done in week intervals. Trade period for each week ends at Thursday 9pm, any trades made after that time will not be dealt with until the following week. Trades will not be approved or dealt with until after the weekly cut of point of Thursday 9pm after that period of time any trades that were made before that period of time will then be moved and you will be able to use those players.

-NO ONE is permitted to utilize their new players they have recieved in a trade until they appear on your teams google docs roster.

Trade Block

Can and will be utilized to announce players that a team is willing or looking to move so that it may give you a better opportunity to obtain something or someone you may be looking for and you now can see is available. Generally players that hit the trade block are fairly easy targets to obtain as they for what ever reason are not wanted on the team anymore.

Players do have a right to request a trade once per season. If they do not feel comfortable or are not getting along with management they may ask for a trade, after that first request they can still be traded but they are not permitted to request another trade, their stuck on that team unless the team decides to move them.

Trade Movement Procedure
When trading again simply send the offer PM to the teams management and at least one of the three BOG's in charge of trading (Sk0al, ICWeiner17, or Bdetore92)

The team recieving the trade offer must do the same and send it to the same by replying with quote with their acceptance or denial of the trade added to the PM

(and Trade PM reply from the other teams management in my reply)

Team Name: Pittsburgh Penguins

Sends: LD / Bdetore92 / 1 / 0.5 mil

To: Toronto Maple Leafs

For: LD / lVlaI7d0g81 / 2 / 1.0 mil

Total Toronto Salary and Contracts (after trade): 15 contract years and 8.5 million
Total Pittsburgh Salary and Contracts (after trade): 14 contract years and 9.5 million

Pittsburgh Accepts this Trade
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Trading Limitations, Procedures, and Block
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