When you register for the WNHL, please make sure you use you Gamer-tag for your username, OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS LEAGUE.

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 Organization Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Organization Code of Conduct   Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:18 am

Organization Equal Opportunity

Every Organization is to recieve equal opportunity to scout any player that is not already a member of another organization during the off season.

Members of management are NOT permitted to engage with players other than feedback on how they preformed. They are NOT permitted to inform a player of their interest or plans to pick them up in the draft and/or free agency system.

The free agency roster and/or draft class should be treated as an organization in their own. Which means until that player your interested ends up on your google docs roster you have no right to talk to him about playing for your team and/or that your interested in acquiring them.

Players have a right to go to whatever scouting games they please to go to but management is not permitted to influence their decisions in any way shape or form when it comes to other teams scouting events.

Organization Privacy

Organizations have rights to their players. In other words, players on an organizations roster are strictly under that organizations authority as well as the leagues. Owners and GM's are responsible for keeping not only their team operational but also responsible for assisting the WNHL Higher-Ups such as the BOG's, Commissioners, and Founders to maintain the integrity and hospitality of the league.

So with that said, we do have a fairly close knit community here in the WNHL and players that are in the league go from being sworn enemies on the ice for two hours a day, and then turn around and become teammates in Club, Drop-Ins, WNHL Pick-up and Recruit Lobby's, or even as far as playing other games with each other. Thats what has seperated this league from any other and part of maintaining that level of respect and the ability to stand with one another as a solid united 6v6 league, is to keep the respect going during any aspect and or sanctioned WNHL event or a WNHL related circumstance.

The respect for one another and the respect between organizations doesnt get left on teh ice or the forums its to be up held no matter what the circumstances may be when it involves a relation to the league itself in some manor.

Where this starts and what sets the example for this is by not associating or sharing information about another organization whether it be with their players or with their strategy or playstyle. (Hense the reasoning to why you cant see other teams locker rooms just your teams)

Unless that players gamertag and info shows up on your teams roster on google docs you are not permitted to associate with that player in any way shape or form about the circumstance at hand as he's not your player yet.

(EXAMPLE: A trade has been agreed on to move player Bdetore92 to San Jose for a 2nd round pick, and San Jose Owner contacts Bdetore92 before he shows up on the San Jose Roster. RESULT: chances are Bdetore92 isnt gonna be willing to finish out the week with his old team until he gets moved to his new team and even if he does finish out the week, he more than likely wont play 100% or even give to shits, maybe even throw the game. Or another possibility is San Jose overlooked somthign when they accepted the trade and the trade didnt go through because of salary cap reasons or whatever do you think Bdetore92 is gonna want to play at all knowing he's stuck with a team that obviously doesnt wish to have his services anymore...NO)
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Organization Code of Conduct
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