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6v6 Simulation Hockey league for Xbox360.
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 Chain Of Command

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PostSubject: Chain Of Command   Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:33 pm


Board of Governors:

Player Representatives:

Team Owners

Team General Managers

Players: everyone

If a OWNER has a problem with a player then he goes to the PLAYER REPS and no higher.

If a PLAYER or OWNER has a problem with another OWNER then you would go to the B.O.G's and no higher.

If you are caught going higher then your superior with a issue then you will get a stike. 3 strikes and your suspended, Management will be suspended and will lose your title (GM, Owner, Player Rep, B.O.G)

OWNERS and GM's are incharge of there team and thats it

PLAYER REPS take care of Trades and Suspensions (in case of suspension it has to be a unanimous decision between the 4 PLAYER REPS and if they cannot come to a agreement then the B.O.G's will take over and it will be out of the PLAYER REPS hands.

B.O.G's take are of Google Docs, Blacklisting, Suspensions( if necessary), and Rule Changes

COMMISSIONERS are in charge of Website Maintenance, Website Design, Rule Changes, League Management. Basically the COMMISSIONERS make sure the wheels keep turning and everything rules smoothly and as to plan.

If everyone follows the Chain of Command then this league should have no further problems.

League BOG

GA:88 GAA:2.36 SV%:0.896 S:712 SA:800 SO:11
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Chain Of Command
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