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6v6 Simulation Hockey league for Xbox360.
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 Game Times and Individuals Playtime

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PostSubject: Game Times and Individuals Playtime   Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:41 am

Everything in this league is revolved around Eastern Time so if there is a post about a game time or practice just assume that it is Eastern Time

Game Times

Sunday 8 and 9pm
Monday 8 and 9pm
Tuesday 8 and 9pm
Wensday 8 and 9pm
Thursday 9pm

Total of 9 Games Per Week

Individuals Play Time

  • Skaters must see at least 2 games per week and no more than 5 games per week
    (Liable to change due to total players per roster)

  • Goalies must see at least 2 games and no more than 6 games per week
    (not very liable to change but could)

  • Any Player/Goalie and or Management involved in game limitations broken without consent from a BOG will be charged with a suspension for the first two offenses and then ultimatly a ban from the league on the third offense for the remainder of the season with the option to return the following season
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Game Times and Individuals Playtime
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